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      When you stretch out in the sun you can do one of the three things: you can use no sun tan oil, an ordinary sun tan oil; or Bergasol.

      If you don't use any sun tan oil when you're in the sun, you will burn surprisingly quickly. If you use an ordinary sun tan oil, you will protect your skin to a lesser or greater degree.How much protection depends on the "protection-factor number" on the bottle. Some oils block out so many of the sun's rays and you can stay in the sun all day without burning but you won't go very brown,either.

      Bergasol will protect your skin like an ordinary sun tan oil. It also has a tan accelerator that speeds up the rate at which the sun activates the skin cells that produce melanin(黑色素). It is melanin that gives the skin its brown colour. Bergasol enables you to go brown faster,am as the days pass the difference will become more obvious.Unfortunately, this special formulation isn't Cheap to prepare.So Bergasol is rather more expensive than ordinary sun tan oil. However, the price looks more attractive as you do.


      It makes you go brown faster Protection Many people imagine      that "cover-up" means you don't get a tan. Nothing to show for your holiday.

      Not so. With "cover-up", you can get brown if you want to. The point of "cover-up" is to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which, according to the experts ,make your skin look older.

      That's what Solex Cover-up is all about--protection for your skin. It has a Sun Protection Factor 8, which makes it suitable for anyone. Find out how it works for you by consulting the Solex Sun Chart. On sale wherever Solex is. With Solex Cover-up, you can tan as slowly as you like. As gently as you like. And with much less chance of peeling. Your tan will look better. Your skin will stay young longer.



      Gentle tan.., full protection

      44. What can we learn from the second advertisement?

      A. It is easy to get a suntan in summer.

      B. Suntan is regarded as a sign of protection.

      C. Sunlight could make one look older.

      D. Everyone wants to get a suntan from holiday.


      45. Why is Solex suitable for everyone?

      A. Its price is more attractive.

      B. It can be used to relieve sunburn.

      C. It can make the skin cells more active.

      D. It has a mild protection factor.


      46. Compared with Solex, Bergasol__

      A. helps one go brown more quickly

      B. better protects one's skin

      C. is more competitive in price

      D. is a better sun tan oil


      47. What is the most attractive feature of Solex Cover-up?

      A. It helps one get a more beautiful tan.

      B. It is often on sale in supermarkets.

      C. It blocks out more sun's rays than other oils.

      D. It helps one tan gradually and gently.








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